Romor's quickly became one of the pioneering commercial establishments of the time in Providencia, a sector that until then had been exclusively residential, experiencing a great boom due to the growing demand. For this reason, the company expands its variety of products, integrating desk accessories, document holders, leather albums, moccasins, summer shoes, wallets and picture frames.

Since its inception, Romor's has manufactured its articles in its characteristic pig leather, which is obtained from tanneries in the southern lands of Lebu. This raw material, which with time and use acquires special shades, has been the characteristic hallmark of the brand for years.

The quality and exclusivity of the products they produce meant that from the very beginning, Romor's had a distinguished clientele, including prominent politicians, businessmen and even Presidents of the Republic.

With the passing of the years and the arrival of the second generation of the Romero family, new ideas arrived at Romor's, maintaining the traditional line of equestrian inspiration and quality, incorporating colors in tan tones, textures and innovative metals brought from Italy and England.

Romor's currently has the work of the third generation of the Romero family, who believes and works to continue with that distinctive style in fine saddlery that has characterized and kept them alive for more than seventy years.